Accessibility: Return from Medical Leave of Absence

Royal Roads University Procedure

Effective Date: 
February 3, 2014
Revision Date: 
October 1, 2017

Replaces Returning from a Medical Leave of Absence Procedure

Students will have the following options at the end of a MLOA:

Declare they are able and fit to return to study on the expected date. 

Step 1 – Submit Return from Medical Leave of Absence Form

The student submits a Return from Medical Leave of Absence form with medical documentation verifying fitness to study no less than one month before the end of the Medical Leave of Absence.  

Step 2 – Accessibility Services will verify documentation

Accessibility Services verifies the submitted form and documentation is complete and assesses if academic accommodations might be necessary.

Step 3 – Accessibility Services will notify school of return to study

An Access Advisor sends an email to the student, Program Head, Program Associate, and School Manager indicating the student is ready to return to study.

Should the return from MLOA date fall after of the program completion deadline, the appropriate Dean will determine which elements of a program a returning student must repeat to ensure degree currency. See the Registrar policy on Program Completion Deadlines.

Step 4 – Return to Study Work Plan will be developed

The program office will work with the student to create a “Return to Study Work Plan” and submits a draft to the School Director for approval.

Step 5 – Return to Study Work Plan and return date will be confirmed by school

Upon the School Director's approval of the “Return to Study Work Plan” the student’s Program Associate sends an email message confirming the student’s return date (copied to the student) to Registration, Student Accounts, the Program Head, School Manager, School Director, and the Dean’s Office.

Request a further Medical Leave of Absence

Request to withdraw from the University

If you are considering withdrawing from the University, before making a final decision you are strongly encouraged to consult with an Access Advisor and your program office, or/and the Registrar’s office. If you withdraw from the University and wish to re-register in a later term, you must follow the procedures for readmission.