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Three new policies are now published: Tuition and Other Fee Refund and theTuition Deposit Refund policies replace the former Tuition and Refund policy; as well as the Professional and Continuing Studies Refund. These policies are now in effect.

Please note: we are working on some of the links in these documents so if the link you would like to access is not working - we'll get it fixed as soon as we can. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact us at policy@royalroads.ca



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Policy Policy Type Function
Academic Integrity and Misconduct - RRU Faculty Members and Staff Academic Teaching and Academic
Academic Integrity and Misconduct - Students Academic Teaching and Academic
Academic Plan Board Governance and Legal
Academic Programs Academic Teaching and Academic
Academic Quality Assurance Board Teaching and Academic
Accessibility Policy for Students with a Disability Board Student Affairs
Accumulated Surplus Board Finance
Adjunct Faculty Appointments Academic Administrative
Admission Academic Administrative
Appreciation Days Administration Human Resources
Associate Faculty Contract for Services Academic Teaching and Academic
Banking Board Finance
Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination Administration Human Resources
Business Plan Board Governance and Legal
Campus Smoking Administration Human Resources
Caregiving Leave Administration Human Resources
Chancellors Community Recognition Award Board Governance and Legal
Commemorative Gifts & Campus Stewardship Administration Advancement
Confidentiality Administration Information Management
Conflict of Interest Administration Governance and Legal
Conflict of Interest in Research Board Research
Corporate Social Responsibility Board Governance and Legal
Credit and Collection Administration Finance
Credit Card Number Handling Administration Finance
Delegation of Authority Board Finance
Diversity Board Governance and Legal
Donor Naming Privilege Board Advancement
Employee Compensation Plans Board Human Resources
Employment of Employee Relatives Administration Human Resources
Enterprise Risk Management Board Governance and Legal
Entrepreneurial Activities Board Finance
Environmental Stewardship Board Governance and Legal
Establishment and Discontinuance of Faculties, Schools, Programs, Academic, and Research Centres Board Teaching and Academic
Establishment of Chairs, Professorships & Lectureships/Fellowships Academic Administrative
Exigencies of Administration Board Governance and Legal
Fair Dealing Academic Teaching and Academic
Financial Reports Board Finance
Flexible Assessment Academic Administrative
Flexible Work Arrangements Administration Human Resources
Freedom of Information and Privacy Board Information Management
Golf Cart Use Administration Human Resources
Honorary Degrees Board Governance and Legal
Human Resources Board Human Resources
Information Security Board Information Management
Intellectual Property Board Teaching and Academic
International Board Governance and Legal
Investment Board Finance
IT Services Acceptable Use Administration Information Management
IT Services Information Security Framework Administration Information Management
Maternity and Parental Leave Administration Human Resources
Maternity and Parental Leaves Policy - Summary Administration Human Resources
Network Access and Email Use Administration Information Management
Personal Information of Applicants and Students Administration Information Management
Policy on Policy Making Board Governance and Legal
Posthumous Degree Academic Administrative
Posting and Solicitation Administration Facilities
Precluding the Direct Sale of Course Material Academic Teaching and Academic
Privacy Administration Information Management
Professional and Continuing Studies Refunds Administration Finance
Professor Emeritus Board Teaching and Academic
Program/Course Cancellation, Delay or Revision Academic Teaching and Academic
Records Management Board Information Management
Relocation Assistance Administration Human Resources
Research Board Research
Research Ethics Academic Research
Research Policies
Research Projects Using Royal Roads University Academic Research
Roles & Responsibilities in Relation to Research Grants/Contracts
Safety Board Governance and Legal
Sexual Violence & Misconduct Board Governance and Legal
Shared Programs Academic Teaching and Academic
Standards of Conduct and Service for Employees and Contractors Administration Human Resources
Stipend Administration Human Resources
Student Awards Academic Student Affairs
Student Healthcare Administration Student Affairs
Student Organization Board Student Affairs
Student Rights and Responsibilities Board Student Affairs
Student Services Access Academic Student Affairs
Support to Partisan Political Activities Administration Administrative
Tuition and Other Fee Refund Administration Finance
Tuition Assistance Administration Human Resources
Tuition Deposit Refund Administration Finance
Tuition Fees Board Finance
Tuition Fees for International Graduate Students Board Finance
Types of Leave Administration Human Resources
Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle (UAV/Drone) Administration Facilities
Vacation - Exempt Employees Administration Human Resources
Visiting Professors Academic Administrative
Whistleblowing Board Governance and Legal