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The Conflict of Interest in Research policy and its procedure have been revised and are now published on the Policy & Procedure site. 

PLEASE NOTE: The migration of the policies and procedures to the redesigned site is scheduled for December 16th. Following the migration, the current site is slated for decommissioning. In anticipation of the migration to the new site, please make note of the bookmarks and links you may use to the P&P site as they will require updating after December 16th.  If you need help finding a link to the new source, please email wpr@royalroads.ca and they will be pleased to help you.  



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Policies, Procedures and Academic Regulations

The dynamic nature of Royal Roads University requires an array of documents to provide information that results in a successful outcome for addressing identified issues and providing information to faculty, staff, and students. The adoption of the Governance Document Framework is one of the ways to help fill that need by establishing a clear and consistent governance document hierarchy, document life cycle, type of documents, and new templates for use across the university.

On this page you can access the university's policies, procedures, and academic regulations.  If you have any questions or need assistance with a policy or procedure, please send an email directly to policy@royalroads.ca