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Policies, Procedures and Academic Regulations

Welcome to the refreshed Policies and Procedures webpage! The dynamic nature of Royal Roads University requires an array of documents to provide information that results in a successful outcome for addressing identified issues and providing information to faculty, staff, and students. The adoption of the Governance Document Framework is one of the ways to help fill that need by establishing a clear and consistent governance document hierarchy, document life cycle, type of documents, and new templates for use across the university.

The refreshed webpage is the first step in making improvements to the webpage until more fulsome changes as part of the Web Presence Renewal Project can be made. For now, here are some of the changes:

  • new title and look
  • access to the Governance Document Framework and the Toolkit that offers a look at the new templates as well as some helpful documents to guide development. If you require a template, please contact
  • addition of a "What's New" section to provide updates on new and revised policies and procedures as well as other important information for the Framework
  • dedicated policy point of contact

If you have any questions, please complete and send the "Contact Us" form or send an email directly to