Employee Compensation Plans

Royal Roads University Policy

Policy Number: 
First implemented: 
September 17, 2004
Approved By: 
Board of Governors
Office of Oversight: 

Board Policy Statement

The Board will ensure that Royal Roads University maintains contemporary compensation plans that are designed to attract, retain and reward excellent employees.

The development of compensation plans will be guided by the following objectives:

  1. Compensation levels are market based, and determined through comparisons with public, private and regional levels
  2. Compensation levels are reviewed at least once every two years to ensure they are
  • current Compensation plans may provide for merit-based progression and/or recognition
  • Compensation plans are manageable, transparent and as simple as possible
  • Compensation plans support the development of a career path and progress
  • Compensation plans may contain elements unique to one employee group


Royal Roads University will achieve its goals through the commitment and efforts of highly skilled and motivated employees. Appropriate compensation plans must be in place to attract and retain excellent employees.

President's Responsibilities

The President will ensure that compensation plans for each employee group, with the exception of the executive group, are developed by the Human Resources and Organizational Development Department for the approval of the Board. The executive group compensation plan shall be developed by the Board in consultation with the President.

All compensation plans or amendments to compensation plans approved by the Board must conform with provincial compensation legislation.

Compensation plans will be administered by the Human Resources and Organizational Development Department.


17.09.2004 - Board Approval
17.09.2004 - Implementation
17.09.2007 - Review Due (approval date + three years)