Promotional, Operational and Financial Support for Student-Generated Initiatives

Royal Roads University Procedure

Effective Date: 
January 25, 2008

Royal Roads University recognizes that students often undertake a variety of promotional and fundraising initiatives indirectly linked to their programs of study or student experience. Many of these activities deepen student engagement with their academic learning, and contribute positively to student success. 

While RRU appreciates the value of these activities, there are limits to the amount of support the university can provide to student-generated projects due to resource constraints. The following conveys what support is available and how it can be accessed. 

Website Communications 

Student-created websites will be clearly identified as such to avoid confusion with RRU’s official website. Student sites will include the rider: 

This website has been created by and for RRU students, and is not an official website of Royal Roads University. For the university website, see

Design templates, along with limited training and consultation, are available for student websites, should students wish to avail themselves of this. Technical support for student-created websites outside of Royal Roads’ systems cannot be provided, beyond limited advice and counsel. Requests for website assistance should be made through the Royal Roads Help Desk ( or Request for links from the Royal Roads University website to a student-created site will be considered by the Web Operations Committee. Students should submit their request, along with a rational and the url of their site, to the Help Desk as noted above, where it will be forwarded to committee members. A response will be provided within five business days. 

If the committee cannot reach a consensus, the request will be considered by the AVP, University Relations and Communications. This decision is final. Links from the RRU website to student-created sites that exist for strictly commercial reasons are not permitted. 

Media and publicity

Media awareness and publicity for learner-generated events or initiatives will be supported within reason by the Communications department. Such support may encompass advice and counsel, limited editing support, and inclusion of the event in RRU’s media communications and distribution. 

The availability of media support is determined by the Senior Manager, Communications. A minimum of five business days is required for advance notice of the support required. Contact Doug Ozeroff at The Royal Roads University advertising budget cannot be used to support advertising for student events or initiatives.


Financial support for other marketing tactics – i.e. printing costs or collateral production – is limited and is dependent upon an assessment of the initiative’s value in meeting the university’s strategic marketing goals.

The decision for marketing support is at the sole discretion of the Manager, Marketing. Inquiries should be directed to Marco Qaqish Student requests should include a rationale and, ideally a prototype of the marketing collateral.

Marketing materials to promote student-generated events and initiatives must be clearly identified as such.  Use of the university's logo is governed by policy and procedures on graphic standards.  For additional information on how and when the RRU logo can be used, please contact


University sponsorship is restricted primarily to gifts in kind and waiving of rental fees for RRU facilities. Students seeking sponsorship of their events and initiatives should consult the sponsorship guidelines and submit a sponsorship application form. Please contact for further information.