General Graduate Studies Funds

Royal Roads University Procedure

Effective Date: 
May 27, 2016
Revision Date: 
May 27, 2016

1. Preamble and Purpose

Student research award funds from other funding agencies are often disbursed through the university to students; therefore, both the university and the students have a stewardship responsibility to ensure the funds are used for the purposes for which they were awarded and to comply with university and sponsor policies and guidelines. Generally the funding is awarded in support of research learning for a specified period of time, and the student must be registered during that time or forfeit a portion of the award. The forfeited portion may qualify for transfer to the General Graduate Studies Fund (GGSF). The purpose of these procedures is to understand the GGSF and to establish the process in identifying and transferring balances to appropriate accounts.

2. Definitions

2.1        Award holder refers to student award recipient.

2.2        Award period refers to a period of time a student must remain actively registered in order to qualify for the full award/stipend.

2.3        Eligible funds are residual award funds approved for transfer to the GGSF by the appropriate Tri-Council Agency.

2.4        Funding Agency/Sponsor/Funder refers to a legal entity that is separate and distinct from the university and includes an institute, foundation, granting council or other agency funding students directly, or indirectly through a RRU Supervisor.

2.5        Policy means this RRU General Graduate Studies Fund Policy, including any and all supporting documentation, forms and related RRU policies, and the relevant sections of other RRU agreements and policies, as applicable.

2.6        Registered/Registration is the actively studying status for students.

2.7        Remaining funds is the monies remaining in a cost center after the obligations have been met.

2.8        Residual funds are unused stipend monies remaining in a cost center if the student’s active registration ends before the award period end date.

2.9        Research is defined as systematic inquiry for the purpose of gaining new knowledge or new understanding or new application. For the purposes of this policy, Research includes all activities and products related to research and may be generated as part of a research grant, a research contract, an institutional based consulting contract, an institutional service contract relating to academic matters or any other institutionally based contract other than direct instructional contracts, as well as student research as part of academic programs (e.g. theses, organizational consulting projects, major projects, class assignments, papers, reports, internships, etc.).

2.10    Stipend is the funding provided in support of research or learning, disbursed in equal monthly payments over the course of the award period.

2.11    University means Royal Roads University.

3. Procedures

In most cases, award holders fulfill the registration obligations of the award conditions and are qualified for their full stipend. However, should an award holder complete his or her last class before the award period end date there may be remaining or residual funds. The university will manage these funds as follows:

3.1   Tri-Council Awards

3.1.1 SSHRC/NSERC Awards

Eligible funds of Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) cost centers will be transferred to the appropriate RRU SSHRC or NSERC General Graduate Studies Fund (GGSF) as per the specifications of the appropriate Council.

If approved, the funds will be tracked through the Financial Aid and Awards office and assigned a sub cost center within the GGSF. The funding will be distributed to students by competition through the Student Experience Award to support activities classified as research training, including travel to conferences in a field supported by the respective agency.

3.1.2 CIHR Awards

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) award payment is disbursed monthly. Should an award holder not be registered in the month the funding is send to RRU, it will be returned to CIHR.  

3.2   Non Tri-Council Awards

The university is responsible for administering awards according to the terms of the agreement. If remaining or residual funds are to be returned to the sponsor or funding agency, Financial Aid and Awards will work with Financial Services to do so, then close the account.

In the case of Mitacs funding, for either Accelerate Internship or Fellowship, if an award recipient cannot fulfill the eligibility requirements (e.g. the term of the internship), the funding may be transferred to another student to complete the obligations of the award upon Mitacs’ approval.

4. Implementation

The Vice-President Academic and Provost has executive responsibility for implementing and communicating this Policy.

5. Amendments

Major amendments to the General Graduate Studies Fund procedures must be approved by the VPA & Provost.

6. Related Policies and Documents