Admission Practices

Royal Roads University Procedure

Revision Date: 
August 31, 2016

Program or offering change requests

Applicants are only permitted to request a change in the program to which they applied prior to their file being adjudicated.

Applicants who have applied to a program are only permitted to request a change in the program offering or concentration within that program prior to a letter of offer being issued.

The University may offer a change in program to an applicant at any time prior to a letter of offer being issued at the discretion of the Admissions Manager in consultation with the program areas affected.

Incomplete applications

Prior to the admissions deadline, applicants with incomplete applications will receive regular status reports from Admissions.

Following a program start date, the Admissions Office will attempt to contact each applicant whose application remains incomplete using their last known phone or email contact information at least once prior to cancellation of their application.

Cancellation of application

Applicants may cancel their application by notifying the Admissions Office in writing (by hard copy, facsimile, or verifiable electronic means).

The University may cancel an application for the following, but not limited to:

  • An application remains unpaid for more than 30 days;
  • For reasons stated in the Application Declaration;
  • Application remains incomplete for two or more consecutive intakes;
  • The University is unable to contact an applicant through phone and/or email information on file;
  • Cancellation or deferral of a program.

Expired Offers

Applicants who have been sent a Letter of Offer but have not responded by the deadline will be considered expired and the applicant’s seat in the program will no longer be guaranteed.  Prior to closing the applicant’s file, Admissions will attempt to contact the applicant by phone and/or email at least once to provide the applicant with options to continue their application. If the applicant cannot be reached, does not respond to the follow-up notice, or wishes to decline his/her offer, the application will be closed.

Request to reactivate an application

An applicant may submit a written request to reactivate a cancelled or declined application within one year of the file closure. At such time, the Admissions Office will determine if additional documents and/or fees are required to fully reactivate the application and commence with processing.

Applicants who wish to reapply or apply to a different program more than 12 months after their file was closed are required to submit a new application and applicable fee(s), along with updated supporting documents. Transcripts, if previously submitted and still on file with the University, may be used in support of a new application and need not be resubmitted unless additional courses have been completed in the interim.

All applications will be reviewed under current academic regulations, admission requirements, and program requirements. All applications are subject to current tuition/fees.

File retention

In accordance to RRU's Records Management practices, applications and relevant documentation will be kept on file for one year following the date on which a decision to decline, deny, or cancel an application was made.

One year after an application is closed the file and its contents will be destroyed.