Adjunct Faculty Appointments

Royal Roads University Procedure

Effective Date: 
March 26, 2001
Revision Date: 
August 14, 2009
  1. Refer to the Policy for Adjunct Faculty Appointments approved by Academic Council in February of 2013.
  2. The Dean shall establish an assessment process within a Faculty for consideration of adjunct appointments.
  3. After reviewing the candidate’s submission, the Dean recommends the candidate to the Vice President Academic and Provost. The attachments to the letter should include : a) the rationale for the appointment; and b) the candidate’s c.v.
  4. Upon approval of the Vice President Academic and Provost, a letter of offer is sent from the President.
  5. Renewals for subsequent terms require a request in writing from the Dean to the VP Academic and Provost and should include a summary of the adjunct professor’s contribution to the university.
  6. Responsibility for adjunct professors’ files resides with the Vice President Academic and Provost.