Accessibility: Medical Leave of Absence

Royal Roads University Procedure

Effective Date: 
February 3, 2014
Revision Date: 
October 1, 2017

Replaces Requesting a Medical Leave of Absence Procedure

Be aware that time away from the program is included in the calculation of a student’s maximum program completion deadline. Please review the Registrar policy on Program Completion Deadlines.

Step 1 – Contact Financial Aid & Awards to determine impact on funding

If you have received funding for your studies, discuss the potential impact of an MLOA with the Financial Aid & Awards team.

Step 2 – Submit Medical Leave of Absence Request form

Complete the Medical Leave of Absence Request Form and submit it to an Access Advisor with appropriate medical documentation.

Step 3 – Accessibility Services will verify documentation

An Access Advisor verifies the documentation and contacts the program office to inquire whether there is any relevant information regarding the request.

Step 4 – Accessibility Services will submit the Accessibility Services Admin form

Accessibility Services sends an RRU Accessibility Services Admin Form to (cc: to the student) to the Registrar’s Office Student Accounts, Program Associate, School Manager, Program Head, School Director, the Dean’s Office, and the Exam Coordinator when applicable. 

Step 5 – Registrar’s Office will send a letter confirming MLOA

The Registrar’s Office sends a letter to the student confirming the dates of the leave, and explaining the process for returning to study. This letter is copied to the program and Accessibility Services.

Step 6 – Accessibility Services will contact student 11 months in to Leave

An Access Advisor emails students 11 months into the Leave to remind that the return or extension process must begin.

If a leave extension is required, it is the student’s responsibility to provide a new MLOA Request Form with updated medical documentation 1 month before the Leave expires.

If a student has not initiated either the return or extension process before the Leave expiry date, the student will be withdrawn from the program. A request for reinstatement must be made in writing to the Registrar's Office by the student.