Visiting Professors

Royal Roads University Policy

First implemented: 
July 22, 2010
Approved By: 
Academic Council
Office of Oversight: 
AVP Research & Faculty Affairs

The University is often approached by individuals, both from Canada and from other countries, to request that the University host them as visiting professors. Advantages to collaborating with such individuals include enriching the intellectual capital of the University, gaining potential partners, and enhancing our research profile, to name a few. While there are many benefits, there are also costs to the University that must be considered in terms of space, computer facilities, assistance with finding accommodation, faculty time for interaction, and administrative support.

Visiting professor arrangements require a written recommendation from the host school director and dean (or for research centres the centre director and the AVP Research), to the Vice-President (Academic) and Provost.

The recommendation needs to provide a clear, full account of the costs and potential contributions to the University, demonstrate consultation with faculty and staff, and confirm that the potential visiting professor clearly understands the scope and limitations of the University’s obligations and the terminal date of those obligations.

The Vice-President Academic and Provost conveys the decision to the dean and school director (or AVP Research and research centre director).