Tuition and Fees Refund

Royal Roads University Policy

Policy Number: 
First implemented: 
November 1, 2015
July 23, 2020
Approved By: 
VP-Chief Financial Officer
Office of Oversight: 
VP-Chief Financial Officer

Tuition Deposit

The tuition deposit is non-refundable except under the following circumstances:

  • Waitlisted Students:  If a student is on a waitlist and is unable to secure a seat, the tuition deposit is fully refundable less a handling fee. If the student opts to accept a seat in the next available intake, the tuition deposit will remain on the student’s account and will be subject to the refund policy described above. If a student is on a waitlist after securing a seat in a previous offering, the deposit is non-refundable.
  • Students with Denied Study Permit:  The tuition deposit is fully refundable less a handling fee if a study permit is denied. The student will be required to provide RRU with the letter of rejection issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), prior to the start date of the program, verifying the denial of the study permit in order for the refund to be issued. *A refund will not be issued if the study permit was denied due to misrepresentation or by providing false or misleading information or documentation.
  • Conditionally Admitted Students: If a student is admitted to a program on the condition of the successful completion of academic requirements (diploma, GPA, etc) and the student fails to meet those requirements, the tuition deposit will be refundable less a handling fee.  Evidence of final grades prior to the RRU program start date is required in order for the refund to be issued.

Students who have not had their tuition deposit refunded and who are transferring into another program may transfer their tuition deposit to another Royal Roads University credit program on a one time basis.

Tuition Fees

A portion of the tuition paid may be refunded if a student withdraws from a course or a program prior to completion. The minimum amount retained by RRU in any case is the amount equivalent to the tuition deposit.

The University reserves the right to hold a credit on account in cases where payments exceed the invoiced tuition and fees, or where no fees are billed, or where payment for student living expenses is made.  The credit will be applied toward future charges.  Please note for this reason students should not deliberately over pay their student account. 

Unless otherwise stated in materials provided to students, tuition refunds will be granted as follows:

Tuition Fees for English for Academic Purposes, Transfer Preparation Program & Pre-master’s Program
Should a student cancel his/her registration with written notice before the start of his/her studies, all fees paid will be refunded, less the maximum of (i) fees for the first term of study or (ii) the tuition deposit. Should a student cancel his/her registration with written notice to the International Study Centre after the commencement of a term, all fees paid will be refunded, less fees for the remainder of the term of study, subject to a minimum amount retained of the tuition deposit.

Tuition Fees for Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

A student may withdraw from a course or a quarter in progress by notifying the Registrar’s Office in writing.

The amount of tuition refunded for each course is as follows:

  • Courses that have ended (even if the student has received an IP or EG grade): no refund.
  • Courses that have not started: 100% tuition refund, subject to the minimum retained amount described above.
  • Courses that are in progress, according to the proportion of course completed as follows:
    • Up to 15% of course completed: 100% tuition refund, subject to retention of the minimum amount described above
    • More than 15% of course completed: no refund

The number of course days completed is calculated as the number of total calendar days between the course start date and withdrawal date, inclusive of both dates.  The total course length is calculated as the total calendar days between the course start date and the course end date, inclusive of both dates.  The proportion of course completed is calculated as the number of days completed as a percentage of the total course length

If a student takes a leave of absence during a major project and later withdraws, the effective refund date will be equal to the withdrawal date.

Tuition Fees for General Studies Courses

General studies courses are subject to the same refund policy as Undergraduate and Graduate Programs.

Application Fees 

The application fee is non-refundable.

Other Fees

All students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs at the university are charged a fee to provide access to health and fitness services, counselling, career advising and other social and personal services. There may be additional charges for participation in intramurals, clubs, field trips and other recreational activities, as well as for third-party services, such as extended health benefits and UPASS.

All ancillary fees including the Student Services Fee are non-refundable, unless the student withdraws from the program within the first 14 calendar days of the start of the term or quarter. Please consult ancillary fees for a list of ancillary fees and their current rates.

Non-Refundable Credits for Extenuating Circumstances

Students who are not able to participate in current course(s) due to extenuating circumstances beyond their control (e.g. medical conditions, family, employment related or personal reasons) may be eligible for separate consideration for a non-refundable credit.  Students requesting a non-refundable credit must submit an Application for a Non-Refundable Credit Due to Extenuating Circumstances for processing and approval.

Processing of Refunds

Some programs may not be subject to the above refund policies. Please contact the Student Accounts for a complete assessment of a refund.  If a student is in a registered state, any credit balance will remain on the student’s account unless a written refund request is received for a refund in Student Accounts.  Refunds will normally take four weeks to be processed.  A refund handling fee may be applicable.

To protect students, funders, and the university, and to comply with Canada's anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing regulations, refunds will only be paid to the original sender by the original payment method.