Support to Partisan Political Activities

Royal Roads University Policy

First implemented: 
October 30, 2012
Approved By: 
Office of Oversight: 
President's Office


Royal Roads University connects people, ideas and experiences to change lives and the world.

The university will fulfill its vision without furthering or opposing the interests of a political party, elected representative, or candidate for public office. However, the university may use political campaigns to advance its purposes and advocate its interests in a non-partisan fashion.

Within the context of Royal Roads University values and learning model, the university is committed to free and open discussion of ideas and opinions. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in political processes.

The university will proactively avoid any circumstances that may generate the perception that it is conducting business in support of a particular candidate, party or position over another.

Royal Roads University benefits from status as a registered charity, and as such respects policies and guidelines set by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Policy Statement

Notwithstanding the broader context, Royal Roads University resources (human, material or financial) shall not be allocated to provide direct support partisan political activities.

As a tax-exempt entity, the university is prohibited by federal law from participating in or attempting to influence campaigns for any elective public office or any political initiative.

The university will not contribute directly to any partisan campaign, nor will it reimburse individuals who choose to support political campaigns.

Faculty and staff who engage in political campaigns should do so in their individual capacity, and will not be authorized to represent the university’s interests or to claim financial support for such activities.

If a faculty or staff member is listed as a supporter of a political campaign or initiative, it should be without mention of institutional affiliation, or with a disclaimer indicating that their actions and statements are their own and not those of the university.

The university may not endorse a candidate, or provide or solicit financial or other support for candidates or political organizations.

The university may engage in advocacy initiatives that involve political representatives in order to advance the university’s strategic positioning and organizational objectives in a non-partisan fashion.

Political candidates, parties, referendum or political action committees may use university facilities as external paying clients, consistent with the terms and conditions that would apply to any private party or member of the general public.

Responsibilities of the Executive

The executive will ensure that university employees are aware of this policy statement, and that proper procedures are followed upon receipt of requests for support of partisan political activities.

Related References

Canada Revenue Agency Policy Statement – Political Activities, references CPS-022, CPC-001, CPC-007