Posting and Solicitation

Royal Roads University Policy

First implemented: 
May 16, 2006
Approved By: 
Office of Oversight: 
Campus Services

It is the administrative policy of Royal RoadsUniversity to provide bulletin boards or other types of notice boards throughout its buildings to allow sufficient space for the posting of temporary signs and notices concerning university academic, non-academic, and RRU community activities. 

1. Aim

The aim of this administrative policy is to define the process for managing the placement of posters on campus and the removal of unauthorised or outdated posters.

2. Scope

The administrative policy details the authorization and regulation for the placement of posters on campus.  It also clarifies the University’s position on solicitation.

Posting Authorization

Bulletin boards for general use by faculty, staff and students are provided in strategic locations throughout campus buildings.  Some departments own and manage their own departmental bulletin boards and display cases, the use of which requires the permission of the respective program office or department.  Notices are not to be posted on trees, sidewalks, or building exteriors.  All notices, bulletins and posters may only be posted on designated bulletin boards.  All handbills, notices, fliers and bunting affixed or displayed on walls and doors are subject to removal without notification (with the exclusion of residence room doors). 

Posting Eligibility

To be eligible for posting, a poster must fall under the definition of one of the following types of notice:

Departmental Notice: Limited to posters relating to the subject content, events, awards, etc. of interest to a specific university department. Campus Notice: Limited to posters relating to on-campus events and issues relating specifically to the university community. Community Events Notice: Limited to posters relating to cultural and community events of specific interest to the university community for not-for-profit organizations.

Posting Regulations

  1. Materials being placed on bulletin boards must be pre-stamped for posting approval by University Reception.
  2. Two weeks shall be the maximum period a posting may be exhibited for non-RRU events; the posting period for RRU events shall be at the discretion of the University.  All postings must be removed after the date of the event by the owner of the posting, or owner of the bulletin board.
  3. Only one posting per bulletin board.
  4. The maximum size for flyers or posters is 15 X 24 inches (38cm X 61cm). However, exceptions may occur depending on space availability.
  5. No political advertising will be permitted (excluding student and staff elections).
  6. No posting shall claim or imply sponsorship or endorsement by RRU without explicit authorization.
  7. No materials are to be placed on glass doors or adjacent glass panels, unless approved by University Reception or Library Staff.
  8. No posting is to be made on painted or finished interior walls or doors.
  9. No posting is to be made on building signage or campus wayfinding signage.
  10. All postings on bulletin boards must be within the borders of said board.
  11. The University reserves the right to determine the acceptability of signs, posters and/or markings shown on bulletin boards, residence room doors and residence lounges.  Any signs, posters and/or markings which are pornographic, racist, homophobic, degrading to men or women or which a reasonable person may find offensive are not acceptable. These signs must be removed immediately at the request of the University or a representative of the University.

Classroom Scheduling and Class Change Notices

Classroom and break-out room scheduling notices may be posted on the doors of rooms by University staff.

Temporary notices to classes such as room changes or cancellations may be placed on the door of the affected classroom but must be removed at the end of the day.

Distribution of Pamphlets & Other Marketing Materials 

Any organization or group affiliated with the University may distribute booklets, brochures and other forms of written material on the condition that:

  1. Prior approval has been received by University Reception,
  2. Such materials do not contain commercial solicitations or advertisements,
  3. Such materials do not include content which is pornographic, racist, homophobic, degrading to men or women or which a reasonable person may find offensive are not acceptable.


The University reserves the right to terminate any commercial solicitation activity on campus at its sole discretion.