Maternity and Parental Leaves Policy - Summary

Royal Roads University Policy

Policy Number: 
First implemented: 
January 1, 2006
September 1, 2018
Approved By: 
Office of Oversight: 
Human Resources

Employment Insurance (EI):

  • 1 week EI waiting period is unpaid by EI
  • The basic benefit rates of 55% or 33% of average insured earnings are up to a maximum weekly amount as determined by EI annually 
  • EI payments are taxable income, meaning federal and provincial taxes will be deducted at source by EI

RRU Benefits:

  • Waiting Period (WP) Bridging benefit:  100% regular earnings during the 1 week unpaid EI waiting period as RRU bridging benefit if RRU employee is required to serve waiting period.
  • Maternity Top-up benefit (if applicable) of EI benefits for 15 weeks to 95% of regular earnings.
  • Parental Top-up benefit of EI benefits for 10 weeks to either 95% or 73% of regular earnings (% amount is based on option selected – Standard or Extended).
  • Top-up payments are taxable income, meaning federal and provincial taxes will be deducted at source by RRU.
  • No top-up is paid during remaining weeks of EI benefit claim.
  • If satisfying the return to work requirement, RRU will offer a Return to Work (RTW) bridging benefit of 100% regular earnings for 1 week following the EI benefit claim period (for example:  for week 52 of a maternity + parental combined leave EI claim when parental leave option 1 is selected).
  • Health Benefits:  MSP and Manulife coverage continue throughout the approved leave period.
  • Vacation entitlement:  Vacation time continues to accrue during the approved leave period.
  • Sick benefit:  Sick time continues to accrue during the approved leave period.
  • Pension:  Top-up payments are pensionable earnings, meaning College or Municipal pension plan members will continue to contribute to their respective plans and RRU will submit employer contributions accordingly.  There is a time-limited option to purchase service upon return to work.
  • If the employee does not return to work for at least one year of equivalent pre-leave work schedule/FTE following maternity and/or parental leave, the bridging and top-up benefits must be repaid to RRU in full; if the employee returns to work but does not complete the equivalent of one year’s pre-leave service, their repayment of bridging and top-up benefits will be reduced by 1/12th for every month of service completed.
  • To apply for maternity and/or Parental leave, the employee should complete the Maternity & Parental Leave Request Form then submit it to their supervisor for signature endorsement and forwarding to Payroll for processing.
  • Information relating to EI Maternity and Parental benefits is available online here:
  • The employee can begin an online EI claim for maternity and parental benefits immediately following their last day of work.
  • On or shortly following their last day of work, the employee’s Record of Employment (ROE) will be issued by RRU Payroll and will be submitted directly to Service Canada. 
  • EI will issue a confirmation statement to the employee once the claim is approved which must be sent in to RRU Payroll so that Payroll can adjust the top-up benefit amount to the appropriate % of earnings.