Conflict of Interest

Royal Roads University Policy

First implemented: 
October 21, 2004
Approved By: 
Office of Oversight: 
Human Resources

Policy Statement:

The private interests of employees should not conflict, or have the potential or perception to conflict, with their duties and responsibilities at Royal Roads University.


Conflict of interest is a breach of an obligation to the University that has the effect or intention of advancing one’s own interest or the interests of others in a way detrimental to the interests or potentially harmful to the integrity or fundamental mission of the University.

While the University recognizes that employees have a right to be involved in personal relationships and community and business activities, all employees of Royal Roads University shall conduct themselves in a manner that will avoid conflict of interest situations.

Where a conflict of interest is substantiated, disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal, may be applied.

While employed by the University, employees shall:

  • During ordinary working hours devote their full time, energy and ability to employment of the University, and shall not during any such time engage in any other business or activity
  • Not engage or become connected in any business undertaking for gain without prior written approval, specifying the specific terms and conditions of such undertaking, from the appropriate Vice-President or his/her delegate
  • Identify any research or intellectual property that is in progress that the employee brings with them to the University
  • Agree that any research or intellectual property, including but not limited to software, audio visual materials and/or instructional materials, that is developed while in the employ of the university will be the right of the University to benefit from, reimbursing the employee as it sees fit, and will remain the property of the University if the employee leaves its employ
  • Avoid any situation in which any actual, potential or perceived conflict of interest may arise, and to report to his/her supervisor any such actual, potential or perceived conflict of interest of which they may become aware.