Royal Roads University Policy

First implemented: 
January 1, 2006
Approved By: 
Office of Oversight: 
Human Resources


All confidential information heard, created or accumulated by contractors and employees of Royal Roads University must be used or reviewed on a strict need-to-know basis in the performance of contract or job functions, and must not be disclosed to anyone other than persons authorized to receive it, both during a contract or employment period and beyond it. Recorded information in all formats is covered by this policy.

Confidential information includes, among other examples: business plans; draft reports; research results; legal opinions; et cetera.  It also includes the personal information of identifiable individuals. Personal information is covered by the provincial Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPOP Act) in addition to this policy.

Examples are: learner enrolment information; contact information of learners, prospective learners, contractors, employees, alumni, donors, visitors and other members of the public; photographs of all individuals; educational history of learners; birth dates of any individuals; personal opinions as expressed in learner essays and discussions; work history of contractors and employees; et cetera.

Personal information must be collected, recorded, corrected, accessed, altered, used, disclosed, retained and removed only in accordance with the Act and University guidelines, and must be maintained in a secure manner.

Contractors and employees who are uncertain whether information is confidential must check with their supervisors and any other appropriate authorities before using and disclosing it.  Any suspected violation of the Act or this policy must be reported to appropriate University officials, including the Registrar if learner data is involved.

Individuals failing to comply with this policy may be subject to forms of disciplinary/other action up to, and including, dismissal / termination of employment. They may also be subject to legal action following their employment with the university.

Further information about the application of this policy may be obtained from the Director of Human Resources, information about learner data may be obtained from the Registrar, and information about the FOIPOP Act may be obtained from the FOI Officer.