Commemorative Gifts & Campus Stewardship

Royal Roads University Policy

First implemented: 
September 15, 2015
Approved By: 
RRU Executive
Office of Oversight: 
Office of the Vice-President, Communications and Advancement

A. Policy Statement

To preserve and protect the environmental integrity, cultural and historical significance, and natural beauty of the Royal Roads University campus, the University from this date forward prohibits the placement on campus property of commemorative gifts and physical structures (benches, plaques, trees, etc.) that are in memory of a loved one.

Existing tribute gifts placed in the past on the Royal Roads campus (or those that have received prior commitment for placement in future) will be grandfathered and maintained.

In the case of planting of garden and/or trees to recognize highly significant or inaugural RRU events independent of a memorial tribute, the Executive delegates decision-making to the President. These opportunities will be restricted to unique and singular events; for example, recognition of Royal Roads’ 75th Anniversary by global alumni.

The Commemorative Gifts & Campus Stewardship Policy is subservient to the Royal Roads University Donor Naming Privilege Policy, which allows for the naming of major infrastructure (buildings, centres, classrooms, etc.) or physical areas (i.e., Charlie’s Trail) for a non-living individuals, under the terms of that policy’s gift levels and approved gift agreement process.

Royal Roads University Advancement staff will consult and collaborate with those who wish to provide commemorative gifts in order to identify appropriate alternatives to benches, plaques, trees and similar structures. Such alternatives may include, but are not limited to scholarships, bursaries or gifts for campus maintenance, restoration, and rehabilitation.

B. President’s Responsibilities

The President commits to ensuring that resources, procedures, and processes are in place to effect this policy. Goals and objectives will be reflected in the Advancement’s annual fund development strategy.

C. Information, Action and Monitoring Requirements

Within one year of approval, the Executive will be updated on the impact of this policy, including the number of gifts declined and the success of providing alternatives for tribute giving. Thereafter, the Executive will be updated as part of an annual status on fundraising performance.