Adjunct Faculty Appointments

Royal Roads University Policy

First implemented: 
November 1, 1999
August 14, 2009
Approved By: 
Academic Council
Office of Oversight: 
Vice-President Academic

Royal Roads University recognizes that its teaching and research programs may benefit from the expertise of adjunct faculty members who bring knowledge and skills of value to the university. Adjunct faculty appointments may be granted to individuals who have practiced a profession (academic or non-academic) with distinction or particular success, or have special skills or learning of value to the University. The Dean makes a recommendation to the Vice-President Academic and Provost in writing that an adjunct appointment be made to an individual. Adjunct Professors may be assigned to a School(s), Institute(s), Centre(s) or Program(s) or other academic units.

The adjunct faculty member shall have the title Adjunct Professor. The adjunct faculty member shall have such privileges as a university ID card, the use of the library, a computer account, and a university business card. They may attend open faculty meetings and will be invited to participate in faculty and university activities where appropriate. The Vice-President Academic and Provost must approve any additional privileges. Office space, administrative support, and parking are not included as privileges. There is no compensation attached to an adjunct appointment.

The appointment term is for four years and may be renewed.