Academic Quality Assurance

Royal Roads University Policy

October 14, 2016
Approved By: 
Board of Governors
Office of Oversight: 
Vice-President Academic

Formerly the RRU Quality Assurance Policy


The purposes of the university are:

(a) to offer certificate, diploma and degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels in solely the applied and professional fields,

(b) to provide continuing education in response to the needs of the local community, and

(c) to maintain teaching excellence and research activities that support the university's programs in response to the labour market needs of British Columbia.

 (Royal Roads University Act)

Royal Roads University is committed to ensuring that appropriate standards are achieved and maintained in its educational programs and research and that it is offering a high quality education consistent with national standards. 


To effectively meet its mandate, the university has a framework of quality assurance that encapsulates:

  1. Governance, Policies and Procedures – allowing for programs to be developed, in a timely fashion, in response to labour market need that meet provincial quality standards.
  2. Periodic Review – annual reviews of all programs and in-depth external academic reviews every 5 – 7 years, advice from external school advisory councils.
  3. Student Assessment – based on clearly articulated learning outcomes and meeting appropriate degree standards.
  4. Assessment of Teaching and Research – regular and systematic evaluations of teaching and research.
  5. Learning Resources and Student Support – training, development and support for faculty and students based on a comprehensive learning and teaching framework.
  6. Information Systems – information is collected and analyzed appropriately to support improvement.
  7. Accountability and transparency – quality measures are shared internally and externally as appropriate.

 The principal bodies assigned to deliver this policy are:

  1. The RRU Board of Governors – responsible for policy compliance.
  2. The Office of the VP Academic and Provost – as the office of oversight.
  3. The Program and Research Council – responsible for advising the Board on instructional program and research priorities.
  4. The Academic Council – exercising the powers delegated to it by the President under Section 12(4) of the RRU Act.
  5. Sub-committees of Academic Council responsible for standards relating to curriculum quality, awards and admissions.
  6. Advisory councils comprised of practitioners and academics advising the university on the relevance and direction of programs.
  7. An Ethical Review Board and Ethics Office.
  8. An academic administrative and teaching organizational design with specific assigned responsibility and accountability for quality.

President’s Responsibilities

The President will ensure that resources are in place to effect this policy.

Information, Action and Monitoring Requirements of the Board

The Board will receive annual reports via the Program and Research Council on academic and research quality measures and improvements.