Section 4: Grading

Academic Regulations

Grading Scales


A+ 90-1004.33
F0-49 0.0



Grade Notations

AEGAegrotat Standing
AWAuthorized Withdrawal
CR     Credit Granted
EG     Extension Granted
EN     Enrolled
F                    Fail
LVOn Leave
TR     Transfer
RWRequired to Withdraw
VWVoluntary Withdrawal

Aegrotat Standing (AEG)

A grade of AEG is a transcript notation, accompanied by a final letter grade, authorized by the Dean or equivalent in situations when a student has been unable to complete their course work or write a final examination due to documented illness or personal circumstance but who has achieved an overall satisfactory standing in the course.

Audit (AU)

Students may be permitted to audit a course upon approval from the Dean or designate. An auditing student does not participate in assignments or examinations and no credit is awarded for the course. Participation in other activities is at the discretion of the instructor. Permission to audit a course is dependent upon the class size and other factors that the instructor and the Dean or designate establish. Once a course has been audited, the course is not open to course challenge and will not be considered for meeting admission, prerequisite or course requirements. Audited courses are limited to a maximum of one per degree program, unless approved by the Dean and Registrar.

Authorized Withdrawal (AW)

Student withdrew from module or course upon approval by program or school on medical or compassionate grounds.

Credit Granted (CR)

A CR indicates that credit has been granted for a course. This grade is used primarily for Pass/Fail courses.

Extension Granted (EG)

A student may be granted an extension for completion of the requirements of a course due to unanticipated and/or extenuating circumstances. This is a temporary grade and must be accompanied by an extension deadline date. The new deadline date must be forwarded by the School Director (or faculty designate) to the Registrar's Office. Failure by the student to complete the requirements of the course by the deadline will result in a grade of F.

Enrolled (EN)

An EN indicates that the student is enrolled in the course and grades for the course have not yet been assigned.

Fail (F)

This grade is used when a student has not met the minimum course requirements (including, when specified, successfully completing a final exam or assignment), has not fully met the course attendance and/or participation requirements, or has not successfully cleared an INC or EG grade within the designated time deadline.

Incomplete (INC)

INC is a temporary grade that is assigned when the required course work has not been completed by the course end date or to the satisfaction of the instructor. This is used only when a student's performance has been satisfactory and successful completion of the remaining assignments or final examination would enable the student to pass. A maximum grade achievable on completion of the requirements is a "D" for undergraduate and a "B-" for graduate courses. To cover additional grading costs, students will be assessed a fee in accordance with the University's approved ancillary fees. If the outstanding course work is not completed satisfactorily within 20 working days of the course end date, a student will automatically receive a grade of F.

On Leave (LV)

An LV is assigned when a student has been granted On Leave status.

Required to Withdraw (RW)

This grade is used exclusively when a student has been required to withdraw or has withdrawn after the half-way point of a course.

Transfer (TR)

A TR grade is assigned when further course work in the form of a re-enrolment is required due to the design of the course. Once the student has completed the additional enrolment, the TR grade will remain on the original enrolment and a final grade assigned to the last enrolment.

Voluntary Withdrawal (VW)

A VW grade is assigned if a student voluntarily withdraws, which may be done up to the half-way point of a course.

Repeating Courses

Students who wish to attempt the same course more than twice require approval of the Dean.

Thesis/Project/Research Paper/Dissertation Extensions

Graduate students who do not complete their thesis, final project, research paper or dissertation by the specified course end date will be required to extend their registration or will be withdrawn from the course and program. Students who wish to extend their registration and are approved for such extension will have their registration in the course extended by three months and will be assessed a fee in accordance with the University's approved ancillary fees. The Dean or authorized designate must approve thesis/project extensions prior to the start date of the requested extension. Failure to make arrangements for these extensions will result in a grade of RW (required to withdraw) and withdrawal from the program.

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Approval of Grades

Grades must be approved by the head of an academic unit (i.e., the School Director or equivalent) or designate authorized by the Dean. The Registrar's Office must be formally advised as to the names of those who may approve grades. Grades must normally be submitted by the instructor to the 'grade approver' within ten business days and to the Registrar's Office within 15 business days of the course end date. This includes final grades required to clear INC or EG grades.

Release of Grades

Student records are confidential. Grades will only be released by the Registrar's Office to a third party with the student's written permission. Royal Roads University staff cannot release grades over the phone or by email.

GPA Calculation

A student's grade point average (GPA) for a group of courses is calculated by determining the grade point value for each course which has been assigned a grade, multiplying the course credit value by the numerical equivalent of the grade, adding up all the resulting values, and then dividing by the total number of course credits for the period under review. Grades for which there is no point value are not used in the calculation (AEG, AU, CR, EG, LV, RW, VW).

In the event that a student takes the same course more than once, prior to completion of their academic program, the higher grade will be used in the calculation of their program GPA.