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Arranging for Course Accommodations Procedure

Royal Roads University Procedure

Effective Date: 
February 3, 2014
Revision Date: 
February 3, 2014

Step 1

The student provides documentation of a disability completed by a registered medical practitioner or psychologist to the Accessibility Services Office in Student Services.

This is normally in the form of the Certificate for Accommodation. Alternative documentation must have been produced within the last two years. The University reserves the right to approve documentation and to request further opinion.

  1. A delay in providing appropriate documentation may make it impossible for accommodations to be arranged in time for the academic period (e.g. course, term, or residency) for which the accommodation is sought.
  2. By registering documentation with Student Services, the student acknowledges that information regarding their specific disability will be accessed by Student Services staff in the course of their duties to assist the student. The student further acknowledges that aggregate information about students with a disability will be shared publicly.

Step 2

Student Services produces a certificate confirming that the student has a documented disability and describing appropriate accommodation(s).

The University reserves the right to determine appropriate accommodation(s). The letter will be copied to the student's program manager, and exams coordinator who will assist in circulating the information to appropriate faculty. Certificates are normally provided within two business days of receipt of acceptable documentation.

Step 3

The student communicates with faculty and program staff to confirm arrangements for accommodations where necessary.

Students are advised to communicate requests at the earliest date possible to provide sufficient time for accommodations to be arranged.