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Accessibility: Parking and/or Housing Accommodation

Royal Roads University Procedure

Revision Date: 
October 1, 2017

Replaces Accommodations Procedures

Step 1 – Submit Housing and Parking Accommodation Request to Accessibility Services 

Complete the Housing and Parking Accommodation Request Form and submit it to the Accessibility Services. Submission instructions are on the form.

Please note: submission of this form does not guarantee availability of priority accommodations or parking space until confirmed by the respective departments.

Step 2 – Access Advisors will determine Priority One or Priority Two status

Due to the limited number of on campus dorm rooms and a limited number of rooms that have a private ensuite, priority must be designated. Based on the medical documentation provided, an Access Advisor sends either a Priority One or Priority Two approval to Campus Accommodations (cc: student), and either a temporary or permanent accessible parking space permit to Campus Accommodations or the student when appropriate.

Priority One designation is for students who have serious impairments or physical challenges, where on-campus accommodation with private ensuite would be deemed essential to the student’s health and well-being.

Priority One students will receive a room with an ensuite but pay the regular dorm room rates.

Priority Two designation is for students where on-campus room with ensuite is not essential but would be a convenience.

Priority two students receive preference for room assignment over other students but they pay the ensuite rate as they could be accommodated in a dorm room.