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Tuition Assistance Policy

Royal Roads University Policy

First implemented: 
June 1, 2011
Approved By: 
Office of Oversight: 
Human Resources

Policy Statement:

Royal Roads University is committed to lifelong learning. One of the ways we build individual and organizational capacity is by investing in our employees through tuition assistance for Royal Roads University courses or credentials that support professional development as expressed in the annual Professional Development Planning (PDP) process and have specific relevance to the employee’s role.


Subject to the university’s capacity to fund this initiative and space availability, tuition assistance may be available to regular employees of the university on approval of the employee’s Executive member.

A Tuition Assistance Application Form must be submitted to the employee’s Executive member detailing the outcomes related to work performance that are expected to be achieved through participation and completion of the course or program to which the employee has applied, and the alignment with the employee’s PDP. With approval of the Executive member, the Form will be forwarded to Human Resources for coordination of final approval. Final approval will be contingent upon the university’s financial position and course or program space availability. Human Resources will inform applicants of the status of their application when it is determined. Human Resources will also provide cross-institutional tracking and coordination on behalf of the Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer.

Fifty percent of the tuition fee will be waived for eligible employees who have been accepted into a degree, diploma or certificate program. Application for tuition assistance should be made at the same time that application is made for admission to a program.

The tuition waiver does not apply to books, materials or other program or student fees. Where an employee receives credit for courses taken previously at RRU or elsewhere, the tuition support will be adjusted accordingly (i.e. will remain as 50% of tuition actually payable, not the program cost).

Repayment of the amount of waived tuition will be required on a pro-rata basis if the employee resigns from employment at the university during the program or in the thirty-six (36) month period following completion of the program. The repayment requirement will be reduced by one-thirty sixth (1/36) for each month worked following the scheduled end of the degree, diploma or certificate program.