Delegation of Authority to Hire Staff

Royal Roads University Policy

Policy Number: 
First implemented: 
February 14, 2003
Approved By: 
Board of Governors
Office of Oversight: 

Board Policy Statement

The Board delegates to the President the authority to hire employees of the University.

The Board must pre-approve Vice President appointments.


In accordance with the governance model adopted by the Board of Governors, the Board hires one employee, the President. The Board delegates to the President the responsibility of achieving board approved “outcomes”, and holds the President accountable for their achievement. The hiring of appropriate staff is one of the President’s means of achieving the required outcomes.

President's Responsibilities

The President will hire employees within salary ranges and employment policy guidelines approved by the Board.

Appointments will be made through a personnel committee consisting of the President, Vice President Learning and Vice President Operations.

Information, Action and Monitoring Requirements for the Board

The Board will receive, for ratification, quarterly reports on new employee appointments.


14.02.2003 - Board Approval
14.02.2003 - Implementation Date
14.02.2006 - Review Due