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Campus Smoking Policy

Royal Roads University Policy

First implemented: 
November 1, 2005
Approved By: 
Office of Oversight: 
Health and Safety

In addition to WCB and municipal regulations that prohibit smoking inside University facilities, to prevent environmental tobacco smoke (second-hand smoke) from entering campus facilities, smoking is prohibited within 10 metres of building doors, windows or ventilations system intakes and within University-owned vehicles. In certain circumstances, building-specific requirements over and above the normal 10-metre perimeter may be required. The policy applies to all employees, contracted service providers, learners and other campus visitors.

Supporting Measures and Procedures:

The University will provide regular notices to all members of the University community to remind them of the smoking policy requirements. A well-informed and respectful community will hopefully mitigate enforcement issues.

When an employee witnesses an incident of non-compliance or is having their work environment impacted by second-hand smoke, the following steps are recommended:

  1. The employee is encouraged to politely inform the smoker about the University policy
  2. If the employee is not comfortable approaching the smoker, or receives a negative response from the smoker, the employee should report the incident immediately to his/her manager or supervisor. The manager/supervisor shall inform the individual of the University smoking policy and ask him/her comply with it.

Should the individual refuse to comply, the manager/supervisor is to ask the individual to identify him/herself and inform the individual’s supervisor (if the smoker is an employee) who shall handle further disciplinary measures in consultation with Human Resources.

In the case where the individual is a learner, the manager/supervisor should inform the Director of Student Services such that the issue can be dealt with via the Learner Code of Conduct. If the individual refuses to identify him/herself and continues to defy the policy, the manager/supervisor is to contact Security who will take appropriate action, which may include escorting the individual from the campus.